According to a statistic from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 62.6 million people volunteered through or for an organization in 2015 (September 2014-September 2015).  This rate, while astounding, is declining from previous years. While this may not seem like something of great concern, Volunteering is an incredibly valuable resource to community organizations; specifically non-profits, that have limited funding or monetary resources to keep their organizations operating. The reason for decline? While this remains a mystery, many may say it could be attributed to laziness, lack of interest in community, or just plain ignorance to the importance of this valuable resource. So why give back? The obvious answer- that it helps the organization with resources it may not have, and that it gives back to better your community…but I bet that you didn’t think about how it can help you.

Learn Something, Teach Someone

The thought of volunteering might leave you feeling hesitant; the perception that you’ll be doing something that you find less than enjoyable in your everyday life….never mind doing it as a means of giving back. Volunteering in your community doesn’t have to be something you don’t enjoy. Choose something that interests you, and make volunteering that much more exciting. Choose an organization you’re passionate about, and find a way that you can use your own skills and talents to apply them to an organization of your choice.

From my own personal experience working for a non-profit; Volunteering didn’t mean that being passionate about a particular topic (like animals) meant that you were committed to working with them, or cleaning up after them. If you liked talking to people…you were given a spot answering the phone; if you liked taking photos…we found a spot for you to use your talents in photography. Maybe the organization of your choice doesn’t list how you can help them doing something you love…but it can’t hurt to ask, right?

Take the opportunity to volunteer as a chance to teach someone something new…and bring a personal talent to the table! Learn something new from someone, and gain a new experience that you might never before have had the chance to do!

Make a Friend; Open New Doors!

Take advantage of the experience as an opportunity to meet new people, make a friend, or network with others within the organization. Volunteers are people from all walks of life, all types of organizations, and are composed of all sorts of community members. Maybe you’re new to the neighborhood; or maybe you’re looking for a job. Volunteering will open all sorts of doors and allow you to make an impression (good or bad) on the people surrounding you. Most importantly, keep an open mind…you never know who you’ll make a connection with.

Feel Better, Gain Perspective

In a 2013 study, 94% of people who volunteered over a 12-month period said that volunteering improved their mood, and 78% said that it lowered their stress levels.  Volunteering is good for your health, gives you the ability to feel empathy, and helps boost your self-esteem. By making an impact, you will feel a sense of reliability, and feel a sense of belonging. When we give back to our community, we learn more about the challenges our community faces, and in turn have the ability to advocate for change. With a changed perspective, we’ll be more open minded, and learn that the little things in life aren’t ones worth stressing over.

Even though the heart of volunteering is about giving back, volunteering has lots of gifts to give us in return. Choosing to volunteer doesn’t have to mean that you give up a whole weekend or make a commitment you aren’t able to realistically keep-make small commitments that fit into your life but will make a large impact on the lives of others. Living a Beauty Full life means finding the beauty deep within us and living with the kindness of our hearts.


We’re thrilled to announce that Pevonia, the leader in natural botanical skincare, will be featured at the Zang Toi Fashion Week event on February 13th in New York City!

Zang Toi, a fashion designer with over 20 years of experience, will feature Pevonia products at his show both backstage with Make-Up Artists as well as gifted to all audience members. Toi’s work includes features with Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Time Magazines and has dressed some of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities. We are excited for the opportunity to gift Makeup Artists backstage and all audience members at the event Runway Ready Pevonia products!


Pevonia Partners With Celebrity Makeup Artists

In honor of Fashion Week, Pevonia sat down with two of our favorite Celebrity Makeup Artists and asked them to share with us tips on getting #RunwayReady!

Alexis Frank

We asked Alexis Frank, Celebrity Make-Up Artist to share with us what she would recommend to get Runway Ready for Fashion Week and here’s what she had to say:

  • “The prep [to looking Runway Ready] doesn’t start the day of…you don’t get that beautiful glow without a facial, so invest. Having a bright smile also goes a long way, whiten those choppers ahead of time!”
  • “Use a heavy duty moisturizer, Fashion Week is 4 weeks of back to back shows with tons of travel…and that’s a killer on your skin!”
  • “Exfoliate Your Lips with Brown Sugar and Olive Oil!”
  • “Don’t forget the body! Lotion and concealer [are a must!] anything exposed needs to be taken care of!”

Alexis Frank is a professional Makeup Artist based in New York City. Her work ranges from television to film, print, and red carpet. Ms. Frank uses Pevonia products when applying makeup to her clients and is a dedicated ambassador for Pevonia products.



Debra Macki

We sat down with Debra Macki, Celebrity Make-Up Artist to ask her how she would recommend getting Runway Ready and asked her to share some of her #Runway must-do’s:

  • “Get runway glowing skin by prepping your skin with your favorite Pevonia Moisturizer!”
  • “Afraid of smoky eyes? It’s easier than you think. Runway tip: smudge your black eyeliner at your lashline. No perfect line- a smudgy line is what makes this look work. If you aren’t great at lining your eyes perfectly this is a quick & easy look for you!”
  • “Love a strong lip but not great with lip pencil? [Use] a liquid lipstick [backstage] as a 2-in-1. It defines and fills without the need of a separate lip liner.”
  • “Make your lashes look fuller…brush mascara over the tops of your lashes, not just beneath.”
  • “Keep your skin from looking too powdery but spritzing with rose water before walking the runway or your office hallway.”

Debra Macki
is a Celebrity Makeup Artist and Style Editor for and Her client list
 includes: Rihanna, Cyndi Lauper, Ke$ha, Kathie Lee Gifford, Idina Menzel, and so much more! She has been featured in a variety of magazines including: Vogue, Seventeen Magazine, O Magazine (Oprah), Modern Bride, Teen, Seventeen, Makeup Artist Magazine, The Knot, and on The Early Show on CBS. Ms. Macki uses Pevonia products when applying makeup to her clients, and is a dedicated Pevonia partner. Check out her posts featuring Pevonia each week on her social media channels!


Get the Runway Ready Fashion Week Products

The Runway Ready Pevonia Makeup Artist Kit includes many of the brand’s latest award-winning innovations:

Zang Toi’s Fashion Week front row Celebrities and Influencers will receive Luxury Pevonia Gifts and remaining attendees will receive a Pevonia Power Duo Gift Set! The following are the products for the 2017 Fashion Week Audience Giveaways:

Want more? Stay tuned to Pevonia’s Social Media Channels for LIVE updates from the show!


Stressed about finding a Valentine in February? If you’re worried about finding somebody to love this February, take a step back…consider loving yourself. February is American Heart Month, a time to focus on keeping your heart healthy, and to think about making lifestyle changes for the better. Did you know that 1 in 3 Women will die from Heart Disease and Stroke this year? 80% of these occurrences can be changed with better lifestyle choices and education. So…let’s stand together to fight against heart disease and make a change for the better…Love Your Heart.

Love What You Eat

Keeping your heart healthy means making choices that include better eating habits and nutrition in your daily diet! Avoid foods that are high in salt, trans or saturated fats, sugar or added sugars. Instead, choose foods that contain whole grains, rich in antioxidants and high in Omega-3. Monitor your diet, manage healthy portions, and plan ahead. Life can sometimes get in the way of eating healthy, but it is important to remember that planning ahead and portioning food can help avoid times when you are tempted to choose fast food for lunch instead of a salad from home.

Love What You Do

Experts recommend daily exercise and continuous movement to help maintain a healthy heart. If you work in an office sitting at a desk all day, that 1 hour of gym exercise won’t keep your heart as healthy as continuously moving throughout the day. Consider taking walks throughout your day, and getting up to take the road less travelled where possible. Take advantage of opportunities to exercise such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator or parking the car further for the extra steps. Be sure you’re hitting the gym or the outdoors on a regular schedule; you’ll release stress while keeping your heart in check.

Love Yourself

When it comes to keeping your heart healthy; remember that the choices you make determine how healthy you are. While it can be difficult to avoid, staying as stress-free or low stress as possible is key to keeping your heart healthy. Make choices and find ways to reduce stress; take a yoga class, indulge in a bubble bath, work on stress management, and try to avoid (if at all) excessive alcohol consumption and/or smoking.  Think of it this way-when you make smart choices and stay healthy, you’ll be healthier and in turn, live longer to enjoy all of the wonderful moments life has to offer.

Spread the Love

This February, do your part by sharing the importance of heart health and educate family and friends about the importance of keeping a healthy lifestyle and heart. Last year, nearly 800,000 Americans died from heart disease; by educating others about the importance of Heart Health, we’ll be able to help reduce this number of deaths and live longer, healthier, happier lives.


[Statistics: American Heart Association]

Eating healthy can be EXHAUSTING. We try to choose the right foods, eat nutrient-rich meals, and work towards a goal of eating healthy not just to lose weight, but to feel great. However, with everything life can throw at us we often forget or would rather choose foods that are easier or more convenient than those that are better for us.

We’re given diet suggestions every day by co-workers, on health blogs, and even trending on social media. Recently, you may have heard a buzz about the power of purple in foods you eat. I did, and it wasn’t until I “did my homework” that I realized the true power of the color purple.

So what is it?

Why is everyone “seeing purple” and what happened to my green vegetables? Is purple the new green? The answer: Yes. According to several studies, the darker your food, the higher the antioxidant level.

To understand the importance of antioxidants, let’s first discover free radicals.

Free Radicals are molecules or atoms with an incomplete number of electrons…and they are everywhere. They are the result of eating fried foods, drinking alcohol, smoking, exposure to sunlight, air pollutants and much more. When a free radical has an incomplete number of electrons it will try to steal one (from your face!) from a neighboring molecule to stabilize itself. When this happens, this “stealing” of molecules is known to cause premature aging, skin cancer, and dead cell build up.

If you’re like me, this process of free radical stealing outrages you! How dare these free radicals march in and steal molecules off of MY face! Antioxidants combat and put an end to the process of free radicals on your skin.

Therefore, foods that are darker and have a purple hue, are not only known for fighting free radicals (which help fight signs of aging), but also for preventing heart disease, cancer, strokes, and even memory boosting!

Ready for a purple-tastic power up? Here are just a few ways you can incorporate the Power of Purple into your life:

  • Try mixing berries, cabbage, and other purple foods into a smoothie
  • Shopping at the grocery store? Choose purple potatoes over regular ones…they have 4 times the antioxidants of regular potatoes!
  • Need a mid-day snack? Choose purple fruits like plums, prunes, or blueberries
  • Choose Pevonia products that are rich in anti-oxidants like Pevonia’s Vitaminic Concentrate or our “C” Complexe with Oxyzomes