With the new year in full swing and award season upon us, it inevitably leads me to take stock—not just of the year that was, but also my closet. We begin to ponder all of the available options for evening wear. Black tie optional? Creative black tie? White tie?? What does this all mean? And more importantly—how can anyone possibly choose what to wear? To get a better understanding, it would help to understand its origins and influencers.

Tis the season for everyone to announce their New Year’s resolutions. Have you given thought to what yours will be this year? Many adults make a New Year’s resolution but nearly 30% of them discard them within the first week. But why is it so difficult to stick to your resolution? Here 6 reasons why they quit and how you can solve these problems:

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With the holiday season quickly approaching, we all know food and drinks are at the forefront of every event. This also means overindulging, which can lead to weight gain which ultimately leads to the failure of your new year’s resolution to lose weight. What about making a change this holiday season to mindful eating? This does not mean you need to miss out on your favorite holiday food, enjoy them but be mindful of what and when you are eating.

Here are 4 ways to help you control your weight while still eating the food you want to enjoy this holiday season: