With all the major fashion weeks now drawn to a close, the one major thing I took away from the shows was the use of color. Colors for spring 2017 took an earthy turn. Neutrals and pastels are definitely the new black. Color is so important, as it can influence, heighten mood, revitalize and soothe. Advertisers and marketers have known this for a long time. It’s no mistake that fast food chains choose red—which stimulates hunger and draws attention whereas a hospital or doctor’s office would choose a more soothing hue like greens or blue as those colors encourage calmness, stability and peace. Color is a calling card of sorts. It says so much before you have even spoken a word.

What is it?

High Intensity Interval Training also known as HIIT, is a fitness trend quickly growing in popularity. It was first popular with athletes, but has now become more popular among personal trainers as well. High intensity exercise is incorporating periods of high intensity work followed by low intensity recovery periods. This is all to keep your heart rate elevated. The best part…no gym equipment needed! It is less effective when you start incorporating equipment like dumbbells into the routine because the main focus is keeping your heart rate elevated with fast movements and using weights can become dangerous. You can incorporate HIIT into many modes of exercises such as walking, running, swimming, biking, and into group classes using plyometrics. It is also very easy to be modified to fit any fitness level.

Napping was never something I was ever very fond of. The thought of wasting hours that could be spent on being productive always prevented my ability to stop and catch a few Zzz’s. However, there are certain circumstances that allow me to make the exception…and give in to the power (and beauty!) of a good nap. It seems fitting that National Napping Day falls just after the Daylight Savings time switch, considering there’s lots of us that probably didn’t get enough sleep this weekend.