I’d consider myself a fairly “healthy” person. I think there are a variety of ways to define a healthy lifestyle–but I do my best to eat right (who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies?), take care of my body (and skin!), exercise regularly, and practice stress relief on a fairly regular basis. With that being said, life has its moments, and no matter how hard we try to#LiveBeautyFull–life sometimes just happens…taking a toll on our skin.

…and just when you think you’ve got it all together, the dark circles can creep up on you in a moments notice. Here are a few reasons you might just want to keep Pevonia’s NEW  EyeRenew™ Conceal & De-Age Treatment handy…even if you think you’ve got it all under control:

The Art of Style: High-Low Dressing

Fashion. It’s something that has consumed me my whole life. One of my earliest memories was my delight on Christmas Day, opening a box to learn that I was gifted a year’s subscription to Vogue. I was six. And beyond any Nintendo or other hot gifts of the era that I received that year—that one was my favorite. And I think that is where the love affair began.

If you’re anything like me, taking “me” time isn’t always a concept I’m able to grasp….life can get busy, and the priority of indulging in life’s simple pleasures further down on the list of the million things I’ve got currently on my plate. The idea of taking just a few minutes to sit and indulge makes me nervous. Nails at the spa? No, house project. Date night? No, planning a wedding. There’s never enough time, and my list of priorities always seem to succeed the time in which I think I have to complete them.

So when I do get that beloved “me” time, it usually comes in doses I can tolerate, at times that are available for me, under a budget I know I can afford. A few of my “go-to” de-stressors usually include long walks on the beach, couch cuddles watching the newest Netflix original, chocolate chip cookies & a glass of rosé, playtime with my four-legged friends, or last but not least…taking a hot bath. That’s right…this totally cliche list (I’m not ashamed to admit it) is nothing too special…not very expensive…but to me is life’s simplest, most luxurious activities.

Let’s face it…we may not always have time to head to the spa, and we may not be able to afford that luxurious vacation to de-stress…but we do have 15 minutes to take a long, hot bubble bath. Still not convinced? Here are a few reasons you should plan some “me” time tonight and take a BodyRenew™ Bathing Pleasures Bubble Bath:

Gone are the days of endless hours spent doing cardio. Women have often associated strength training with getting bulky. However, strength training does not mean bodybuilding, you won’t all of a sudden look like The Rock. Because women have higher levels of estrogen, its harder to build large amounts of muscle. Strength training will leave you looking more toned help you achieve living a healthier life. There are many health benefits for women who strength train, here are just a few: