What is the true definition of beauty? There are many diverse opinions on this controversial word. Is it the texture of your hair? The complexion of your skin? The shape of your eyes? The kindness of your heart? The content of your character?

By the millions of different opinions in the world, one thing is for certain: Beauty cannot be measured by just one particular aspect; the possibilities are endless. It’s more than a pretty face and shapely body; it’s a spiritual, mental and emotional element as well. Beauty is a well-rounded characteristic we all possess because we were uniquely hand-crafted and wonderfully made.

However, there are so many women who, unfortunately, do not know how beautiful they are because pop culture has brain washed us into believing that beauty is limited to appearance. Some of us actually think that if we don’t look like the popular celebrity of the season, we’re not beautiful. When, in reality, our favorite stars [or the not so favorite], don’t even look like themselves. Regardless of our age or seniority, as women, we tend to compare ourselves to others and compete with each other.

What would it look like if, rather than competing with each other or competing with filters and Photoshop, we would work on ourselves? What would it look like if we made sure we were the best we can be instead of seeking validation from everyone else?

Did you know once you start living to impress other people, you stop living for yourself?

One of the most beautiful things about women, about humanity, is the diversity that lies within us. There are the soft spoken women with big hearts, the outspoken women with strong opinions, the women with confidence radiating from them or even the shy, timid women wearing a kind smile. From short hair to long, curly to straight; we are all different and that’s beautiful.

The way I see it: It’s an accomplishment to be different in this day and age. Society has led us to believe we need to be clones of a certain look to be considered slightly beautiful or even acceptable. Is fair skin, a slim body and long hair all there is to beauty? No, there is so much more to it than that.

Picture this: a woman with a big enough heart to serve the less fortunate. Did you picture her face, her body or did you see her smile and the many smiles that surround her? There truly is a difference between simply being attractive and being beauty.full all around.

So again, what is beauty? It lies deep within. Deep within our soul. It’s the pureness of our spirit. The kindness of our heart. The creativity in our mind that inspires others. It’s the essence of Live.Beauty.Full.

Please don’t think of this blog as another self-help dictation; instead, allow these words to penetrate deep and forever be strapped to your fingers and engraved on the tablet of your heart. Note: We all posses beauty. Think of it as a light that shines so bright it has the voltage to overshadow those, so called, “imperfections” we stare at daily in the mirror.

Pretty doesn’t have to hurt. And, today, it can start by letting go.

In a recent interview within Chispa Magazine, Bobbi Brown, founder and CCO of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics states,” After so many years of aspiring to unattainable ideas, I have finally learned to let it go and relax. “Letting go” doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped caring about my face, my hair, or my body. I still care, but I’m more realistic about my expectations of myself. I’m finally comfortable in my skin—and it is such a relief.”