Fall 2017 Fashion

Trends and Colors to Keep You Looking Fierce All Season Long

As the late, great Bill Cunningham once said, “Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life”. And no truer words have been spoken. My whole life, fashion has been a refuge for me as well as a creative outlet. Fashion can convey so much about you with you having to say a word. It is essentially your calling card allowing you to be whoever that you want. Growing up, I have always looked up to and emulated strong women both personally and stylistically.

The Art of Style: High-Low Dressing

Fashion. It’s something that has consumed me my whole life. One of my earliest memories was my delight on Christmas Day, opening a box to learn that I was gifted a year’s subscription to Vogue. I was six. And beyond any Nintendo or other hot gifts of the era that I received that year—that one was my favorite. And I think that is where the love affair began.

2017 Summer Swimwear Fashion Trends

There is nothing more traumatizing than shopping for a swimsuit—well, I take that back—shopping for jeans comes a close second. When going through rack after rack of styles seemingly designed with those of Gisele’s ilk in mind, it can get frustrating. Or in my case—leading to an existential crisis in a fitting room in the middle of Nordstrom.

“Why do you do this to yourself?” you question. “You KNOW you can’t be in the sun—you just burn!” “I soo shouldn’t have had those two mochaccinos at Starbucks—so much for my diet—but they were SO good though!”

This conversation fraught with pretty much all stages of grief continues for over 10 minutes while I try to reconcile how I am no longer a 4 and why does everything that tastes so good go straight to my hips—(damn you Starbucks!) Pulling myself together, I return my cast offs to the fitting room attendant and continue the hunt for the PERFECT, flattering swimsuit. When you are a curvy girl at a statuesque 5’2—it can be a tall order. But it doesn’t have to be a mission filled with drama. The most important thing, especially when shopping for swimwear is knowing your body type. Are you an hourglass, pear, athletic or apple-shaped body type? Knowing this can make a huge difference in making your shopping trip a lot less painful and existential crisis-inducing.

Let’s talk trends.

There were four major trends that I saw while shopping that is going to dominate beaches everywhere in 2017: The one-shouldered look, side cutouts, whimsical fabrics, and stripes. Knowing your body type can help you navigate some of the pitfalls many women face while looking for the perfect swimwear.

Summer Fashion Alert

How I Learned to Stop Judging and Embrace the Bro Romper


The RompHim Debate

As I am sure you’ve seen by now, the RompHim has made its sartorial debut. You can thank the kids at ACED Designs out of Chicago. According to their Kickstarter page, they reached $100,000 in funding in four hours. YES. You read that right…four hours. With 22 days left to go on its Kickstarter project 3,097 backers and $359,253 later—it looks like the stuff of the Coachella set’s dreams has come true. Scheduled to come to market by mid-late summer 2017, the adventurous fashionisto will be coming to a town near you…spotted in pastels, chambrays, and American-inspired prints (even a 90’s inspired paint spatter print—probably already sold out). The look has raised eyebrows and sparked many a debate on the masculinity of such a garment—hey, to each his own I say—living a #BeautyFull life means doing whatever it is that makes you happy—preconceived gender roles were so last season!