Group training is described as exercise performed by a group of individuals led by a certified instructor. There are a variety of group training formats that exist, so regardless of your passion or interest, you can find a class that fits you. Different group training classes include Zumba, cycling, boot camps, conditioning, strength, and flexibility.

Many people know that exercise is good and important for their health, but many do not know the first steps to take; feeling overwhelmed when going to a gym. This is where group training becomes very beneficial. Patriating in a group training class allows you to work out in a safe and effective manner. The classes are already structured with a proper warm-up, a conditioning phase, cool down and flexibility, designed to give you results. There are different levels of class from beginner to advance so it does not matter what level of fitness you are in you can find a class that suits your needs.

Five other benefits of Group training include:

  • Cost Effective: Group training classes range from free if you are a member and the gym offer that or from $5 to $20. Personal training can cost anywhere from $25 to well over $100 for an hour-long session; group training is a huge way to get fit and save money at the same time.
  • Results: Classes are designed and structured to challenge and push your body. It is also a great way to learn new exercises and have some fun while doing it.
  • Motivation: It is easy to skip out on a workout when you’re the only one motivating yourself. With a group of other individuals, it’s easier to push through a workout with that little extra motivation.
  • Support: A group of other like-minded individuals with the same goal of increasing fitness and healthy living will help you stick to your goal. It makes the class more enjoyable.
  • Variety: Boredom is one of the main reasons people quit working out. When you incorporate a fun fitness class you are more likely to keep going and meet your fitness goals.

These are all great reasons why group training is a successful way to help you adhere to a workout program. Next time you go to a gym, check out their group training classes or classes offered in your area. Remember: It is most important that you get up and move; group training is simply an outlet that allows for that to happen.

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Emily Dethloff

Emily Dethloff

Emily Dethloff is a personal trainer and graduate of the Keiser University Sports Medicine and Fitness Technology program in Daytona Beach, Florida. Dethloff's mission as a woman and personal trainer is to inspire and educate women on health and fitness. Through her social media outlets and soon to be fitness studio she will be able to spread her passion of empowering all women to be the best they can be. Dethloff believes "Healthy bodies come in all shapes and sizes and as women we should embrace each cut and curve we have." Emily shares valuable fitness related videos on her social media accounts including her YouTube Channel FitMermaid and her Instagram account @FitMermaid386