Summer Fashion Alert

How I Learned to Stop Judging and Embrace the Bro Romper


The RompHim Debate

As I am sure you’ve seen by now, the RompHim has made its sartorial debut. You can thank the kids at ACED Designs out of Chicago. According to their Kickstarter page, they reached $100,000 in funding in four hours. YES. You read that right…four hours. With 22 days left to go on its Kickstarter project 3,097 backers and $359,253 later—it looks like the stuff of the Coachella set’s dreams has come true. Scheduled to come to market by mid-late summer 2017, the adventurous fashionisto will be coming to a town near you…spotted in pastels, chambrays, and American-inspired prints (even a 90’s inspired paint spatter print—probably already sold out). The look has raised eyebrows and sparked many a debate on the masculinity of such a garment—hey, to each his own I say—living a #BeautyFull life means doing whatever it is that makes you happy—preconceived gender roles were so last season!

Spring is certainly in the air! For a fashion nerd like me, the change of seasons is something I always look forward to. It is the time when I purge and organize my closets—packing out one season and bringing out the next.  Like music evokes memories for some, going through and organizing my clothes brings a bit of nostalgia to me. I look at items and can remember galas that I have attended or what I wore when I landed my first “real” job in Corporate America. So much fun reminiscing, but when is one ever really going to wear a tweed Ralph Lauren suit in Florida? Sometimes my organizing takes me to a “what was I thinking?” moment; going through some well intentioned fashion “dos and don’ts” (It was on sale! I’ll lose weight!) And before I know it, I have a pile as tall as Mount Everest on my bed and possibly a buried Chihuahua or two.  What to do with it all?

With all the major fashion weeks now drawn to a close, the one major thing I took away from the shows was the use of color. Colors for spring 2017 took an earthy turn. Neutrals and pastels are definitely the new black. Color is so important, as it can influence, heighten mood, revitalize and soothe. Advertisers and marketers have known this for a long time. It’s no mistake that fast food chains choose red—which stimulates hunger and draws attention whereas a hospital or doctor’s office would choose a more soothing hue like greens or blue as those colors encourage calmness, stability and peace. Color is a calling card of sorts. It says so much before you have even spoken a word.

With New York Fashion week just coming to a close, it is hard not be inspired and looking forward to the sartorial season that awaits your closet. From the Bohemian Americana looks at Ralph Lauren to the architectural looks at Marc Jacobs—there was a lot going on at the shows.  Preppy florals made a strong comeback, as did the done but un-done looks seen at Monse. So many looks, so little time, right? It can get a little overwhelming. Well, thank your lucky Chanel 2.55 that I am here to help you navigate the sometimes overcrowded waters and steer you clear from a major fashion disaster. Here are my top 5 tips to help keep your look runway ready without looking like something that is going to end up in the “not” section of a fashion mag.

  1. Stay true to your brand/Know thyself

This is quintessentially the most important rule on the books. The late, great Yves Saint Laurent once said: “Fashions fade, style is eternal.”  Always know your personal style and tailor the trends to you. Otherwise you just look gimmicky and will have a closet full of clothes that will just be a closet full of “no”.   Trust me—I know it’s hard—I loved EVERY. SINGLE. LOOK. at Anna Sui and Monse— but being petite, too many prints or grand architectural styles can overpower my frame. Get adventurous with your choices—but know who you are first and adorn yourself accordingly.


  1. Flawless Skin

Your face is your calling card. I cannot reiterate how important taking good care of your skin is. I mean, you take impeccable care of your clothes, so why wouldn’t you do the same to your skin? Hydration is key-and I am not just talking about Evian. In addition to water, you need to make sure you are cleansing, toning and hydrating your skin properly. Look for natural products that are cruelty free. Check out Pevonia’s Skincare Solution Kits made for a multitude of different skin types who need a simple, complete regimen that will cleanse, tone and moisturize the skin as well as balance, hydrate, refine pores and provide natural UV protection. So, place your right hand on your fashion bible and do solemnly swear to never, ever sleep in your makeup, drink plenty of water and take care of your skin as well as your care for your Jimmy Choo’s.


  1. Timeless Basics

Donna Karan made her eponymous debut in the mid-eighties with her “Seven Easy Pieces” style of dressing that could be mixed and matched, creating a fully integrated wardrobe. Thirty plus years later–this ideal still rings true and is the foundation for ANY wardrobe. Look for classic basics that can be layered and built upon with statement jewelry and key seasonal pieces. With the core of your closet consisting of sheath dresses, blazers and expertly tailored slacks you can’t go wrong. (We will just leave Donna’s bodysuit in the eighties, shall we?)  So– the next time you are shopping, think you yourself: “What would Donna do?”


  1. Broaden Your Horizons

Staying true to yourself doesn’t mean that you can’t branch out and try new things. Go out there and be adventurous–try a new silhouette or palette (or two)! Fashion is all about expressing yourself and being confident. Being from New England, I find my wardrobe to be a sea of black and neutrals at times. I call it my body armor. I punch it up with a great jacket, a pop of color or an amazing statement piece of jewelry. Whatever you do—make it yours.


  1. Have fun

Another key. Get inspiration from everywhere. Fashion is your creative outlet to showcase your inner self and try new things. To live a beauty full life, take chances, be kind and always be true to yourself. Follow these simple rules and the world will be your runway.