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Five Ways Going Green Can Boost Your Health - Pevonia Blog

When discussing the importance of eco-friendly ways of living, the debate primary focuses on sustainability and global warming. Besides the obvious benefits, going green can have a direct positive impact on your well-being. Embracing a green lifestyle helps not only reduce your carbon footprint, but also the call to be healthier.

Cleaning the pollution and preserving the environment are undoubtedly important issues. There are many ways in which you can make your life more earth-friendly, and just as many reasons why you should incorporate more green choices in your routine. Here are seven health advantages of the environmentally conscious lifestyle.

The Many Benefits of Organic Ingredients in Skincare - Pevonia Blog

“Natural” and “organic” are becoming important words in our everyday life. From domestic cleaning products to food, you can find eco-friendly and healthier solutions for pretty much anything these days. Good news: going green has become less of a sacrifice. Bad news: going green has become more of a hot beauty trend, which is why it’s vital to truly uncover what’s behind the advertised all-natural products, and the reasoning to use them. For many, green cosmetics have minimal impact on the environment and doesn’t involve animal cruelty. Although these are all important reasons to switch to organic cosmetics and skincare, the real benefit of the eco-friendly products is their healthier ingredients.

Green skincare contains natural compounds that work with the body and enhance its function. As the largest organ, the skin can absorb up to 60 percent of the ingredients of the products we apply. Do you really want to use toxic substance on our largest organ?

According to recent studies, many conventional skin cleaning and beauty products contain hazardous synthetic chemicals, artificial preservatives or genetically modified organisms. These ingredients are skin irritants, skin penetrators and hormone disrupters.  Furthermore, synthetic products may be carcinogenic and neurotoxic. Since skincare and other cosmetics are used on a daily basis, these volatile compounds build-up in your body. As a result they may have long-term negative effects on your health.

How Do Organic Products Differ?
A genuine organic product contains at least 95 percent natural ingredients. In addition, the elements used in the green cosmetics need to be extracted in a natural way and should undergo minimal processing. Organic beauty and skin cleaning products don’t include any synthetic or artificial substances and chemicals.

The Advantages of Organic Ingredients?
Less Volatile Chemicals… Despite their price, most commercial beauty products are comprised of potentially dangerous ingredients. The personal care industry is highly unregulated, allowing companies to use a wide range of materials without the government approval. There are rules applying only for the color additives and elements, classified as over-the-counter drugs. These elements may cause skin irritation, allergic reactions and severe health issues like cancer and birth defects.

Healthier Alternatives… All organic products are made of natural ingredients, imposing no harm to the human health. They are unlikely to cause any allergic reactions or side effects. Green and organic products contain ingredients with nutritional value and support the natural process in the body like skin repairing, rejuvenating and refining. On the other hand, traditional cosmetics are associated with skin irritation, excessive dryness and increased risk of liver problems, immune system damage and cancer.

Better Care… As mentioned earlier, organic personal care products are made entirely of natural ingredients. Fruits, veggies and other plants have high-level of nutrients, including essential minerals, vitamins and secondary metabolites. This makes natural cosmetics and skincare more effective and compatible with the skin compared to its conventional counterparts.

It is impossible to avoid all synthetic ingredients, but you can minimize the amount of toxins in your skin cleaning and beauty routine. Look for certified organic products, always read the labels and research the ingredients. And, if you are interested in continuing your journey toward going greed, household cleaning products is your next step. Stratford carpet cleaning services has tons of safe and great ideas to offer.

Three Tips for Choosing Safe Cleaning Product-Pevonia Blog

Yes, it’s New Years Eve and some are thinking of partying, while others are thinking of resolutions… dieting, organizing and on the top of many’s list: cleaning. Cleaning products are essential for preserving your home’s neatness and cleanliness. The problem is that most of the commercial solutions contain toxic chemicals that are dangerous, not only for the environment, but for your health as well.  They are extremely harmful if inhaled, touched or digested. The toxic chemicals leave hazardous residue on food surfaces and contribute to the indoor air pollution.  Some of the ingredients in the conventional cleaners are carcinogenic or can disrupt your endocrine system.

Enhance your Green Living and Garden Away-Pevonia BlogEnhance your Green Living and Garden Away-Pevonia Blog

Everyone knows the garden is a place to relax and feel free. But, you can feel the same way only if you have maintained your garden in such a way that you may get pleasant feeling being there. Beautiful gardens are a source of joy especially in the months of spring. Enjoy the fruits of your hard work over your garden by sitting there and enjoying a cup of tea, but only after applying your sunscreen, right?