Gone are the days of endless hours spent doing cardio. Women have often associated strength training with getting bulky. However, strength training does not mean bodybuilding, you won’t all of a sudden look like The Rock. Because women have higher levels of estrogen, its harder to build large amounts of muscle. Strength training will leave you looking more toned help you achieve living a healthier life. There are many health benefits for women who strength train, here are just a few:

Everything old…is new again! Over the last couple of years, bodyweight training, or the act of using your own body weight as resistance (no equipment needed), has become increasingly popular! That’s right! We’re going back to the basics and using classic exercises (like the push up) instead! No matter the weight or fitness level, bodyweight training can be a very effective method of exercise. There are many different exercises available to perform, and modification is easy to start at a beginner level and advance. This will allow for a gradually strengthened and improved fitness routine.

Here are 5 advantages to bodyweight training:

What is Wearable Technology?

Wearable technology market is still a relatively young, yet rapidly-growing market. It includes devices that track activity, calories, and heart rate. Leading the way, Fitbit released their first fitness tracker in 2009, and since then many other companies such as Apple, and Garmin have followed along and expanded its capabilities. Wearable technology is great for anyone, especially since it is really advancing and growing a larger audience who can wear them. Your wearable technology purchase can be as basic as the FitBit Zip (which only tracks activity and is very small and lightweight) or as complex (complete with a second face for your phone) as the Samsung Frontier.