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Have you ever experienced fear, insecurity and self-doubt? I know I have; as well as the majority of all adults around the world. Did you know these emotions are the biggest obstacles many of us face in life? And, in order to overcome this negativity, many turn to unhealthy behaviors, such as overeating or alcohol abuse.

“Compulsive or addictive behavior may temporarily numb negativity, but it won’t put you on a healthy and wholesome path,” says Darlene Hunter, a renowned speaker and author of Win-Ability, Navigating through Life’s Challenges with a Winning Attitude.

“While some people buy very expensive things to feel more confident, there’s an affordable way to yield the same result: positive thinking.”

The power of positive thinking has been well publicized. Recently, the Dove beauty experiment, in which women wore a “beauty patch,” yielded multiple positive behaviors. Positive thinking gained scientific credibility in 1985 when Michael F. Scheier and Charles S. Carver published their seminal study, “Optimism, Coping, and Health: Assessment and Implications of Generalized Outcome Expectancies.” Since then, hundreds of academic papers have been published in support of positive thinking.

Despite its popularity, raves and reviews flooding our world, why isn’t positive thinking sinking in? “Confidence starts with your attitude; expensive purchases aren’t required,” says Hunter, who maps a path supporting the living-with-confidence lifestyle. “Do what you love doing. What is that thing you love doing? At the end of the day, would you miss doing it if you could never do it again?”

We agree with Hunter; everyone gets a great sense of accomplishment and joy when they do what they love doing or, were born to do. It could be baking, cooking, taking care of children, gardening, writing, drawing, dancing, anything at all that brings happiness as you travel through life.

So… perhaps it’s not the absence of positive thinking that lacks in our lives, but rather the absence of love?

What would it look like if you pursued your passion? Your passion is what you will do even if you do not get paid for it. Following your passion allows you to gain skills in areas where you are already strong, and best of all, it will push you to become better. Once you discover what you are passionate about, it generally connects with your purpose.

Hunter asks: Are you true to yourself? Do not set your career path in a certain direction based on what your friends or family members want for you. If you dream it, you can live it. Do not let fear turn you around. It is also important to be honest about your resources, skills and abilities. Do not think you have all of the answers; be open to suggestions and advice from others who have walked before you.

Hunter concludes with: Stay the course. Be resilient. Never give up. No matter what you might be facing at the current time or the challenges that are ahead, as you move forward in your quest to accomplish your goals and dreams, you must stay the course. As you set forth to achieve your goals and your dreams, you cannot be thin-skinned. You must be durable, strong with a determined that you will get to where you want to go. Quitting is not an option and failure is not a word that you should use when you are seeking to reach your goals and dreams.

Fitness Tips to Help you Achieve Success-Pevonia

Ready for your cheat-sheet for today? Let’s bring our focus toward fitness. So many of us stress at the thought of working out. But why? Perhaps we aim to get fit in less than 24 hours and truthfully, this is not realistic. Let’s do it the right way, shall we?

  • Get your workout in first thing in the morning before work or other obligations. This will help you stick to the plan and allow you to say yes when the gang invites you out to happy hour. Sure, setting your alarm 30 minutes to an hour earlier than usual in the morning may be hard, but the payoff will be worth the results.
  • Get a workout buddy that you will be accountable to. Just make sure they are motivated to get fit, too. If your buddy repeatedly cancels or always wants to cut the workouts short, gracefully find a new buddy.
  • Make going to the gym or going on a run as automatic as brushing your teeth. You don’t ask yourself if you should do that, we hope! Don’t get into the debate with yourself of whether you should go to the gym, or not. You are going, no matter what.
  • Sneak in a little extra. Park at the far end of the parking lot and take the stairs whenever possible. When catching up on your favorite shows, rather than fast forwarding through commercials, do a chore or quick exercise to keep your metabolism stoked. Did you know simply standing burns more calories than sitting? When doing laundry, walk and fold as you put away every item. At work, walk to your coworker’s desk versus sending a minor e-mail to discuss a simple task.  Sure, these tips may take a little longer, but the added tweaks will raise your body’s metabolic rate and keep those pesky extra pounds away.

Remember: Short term pain for long term gain! Tell yourself you can do anything today that you don’t have to do for a lifetime. Tell yourself the same thing tomorrow and the day after that, and before you know it, a month will have gone by and the habit will be firmly ensconced. Oh… and make sure to add some aromatherapy to your new on-the-go-fitness lifestyle. Everyone prefers to grab a whiff of joy versus something else.

Tips for Tuesday-Pevonia Blog

To eat better, pick a day to buy fresh, healthy food every week and schedule time to prepare it.  If you don’t plan it, it won’t happen. Ready?

  • Try one new, healthy recipe a week to keep it exciting and fun.
  • Never allow the bag or box of your favorite snack accompany you to the sofa. Put a single portion in a bowl and put the original packaging away. This will help control the amount you consume.
  • Remember, meals should have a beginning and an end. After dinner, clean up the kitchen and turn off the light to signal your brain that the kitchen is closed.
  • Institute a cutoff time for nighttime eating or snacking. This is instrumental in losing weight. If you have a hard time saying no, remind yourself you can have that special item tomorrow, if you still want it.
  • Lastly, reward yourself with a bath. Celebrating your week’s accomplishment by soaking your entire self in water simply adds a smile to any person’s day.  Choose to relax, and be soothed with Pevonia’s Anti-Stress Bath & Shower Gel™ as it enhances your bathing experience.


The ‘Love Diet’ for Valentine's Day-Pevonia Blog

As we celebrate St. Valentines Day, wouldn’t it be nice to know how to turn up the “heat” and make our loved one’s passions boil? One way to get those juices flowing is to use an aphrodisiac, which can be thought of as any substance that increases libido when consumed. Aphrodisiacs are distinct from substances that address fertility issues such as impotence or sexual dysfunction. From the Greek word aphrodisiakon, or “pertaining to Aphrodite,” the idea comes from the goddess of love. But really, is the notion of using an aphrodisiac a bit too silly to make the bedroom pop?

Classically, to be considered an aphrodisiac, a substance should:
Consumed orally;
Reliably increase libido or sexual desire (no placebo effect, no diminished libido);
Take effect in a relatively immediate time frame (minutes or hours, not days or weeks).

The Top Aphrodisiac Delicacies?

One of the most infamous aphrodisiacs, as their appearance mimics the labial folds of a vagina; oysters are high in zinc and have a reputation for being great for love and fertility. Researchers recently found that oysters contain amino acids that trigger production of sex hormones. Oysters offer a lean source of protein to help give you energy all night long and, in addition to offering the body zinc, which helps blood flow and nourish sperm, there’s scientific evidence that an amino acid found in oysters may directly raise sexual hormone levels.

With their phallic shape, bananas already look tempting and sensual; but they also contain bromelain, an enzyme which triggers testosterone production, and the fruit’s potassium, vitamin B elevate energy levels and the high sugar content gives the brain a kick.

Honey is made through pollination and secretions of many fertile bees worshiping their queen, just what every woman wants and symbolizes nature’s procreative pinnacle. Birds and bees ring a bell? In fact, the word ‘honeymoon’ got its name from mead, an alcoholic beverage made from honey given as a libidinous elixir to the happy and excited new bride and groom. It has a number of vitamins and it also contains boron, which helps regulate estrogen and testosterone levels and the sweet and sappy sweetness provides a natural energy boost.

The caffeine in coffee is a stimulant that ups the heart rate and makes the blood flow. One study conducted with female rats and published on scientific journal suggested that coffee could put women in the mood for sex. Its smell has a delicate and sensual aroma too.

According to, this ‘lycopene king’ may have a Viagra-like effect on the body, as it relaxes blood vessels and improves circulation. It’s super sweet and the perkiness and color of the fruit drips sensuality.

Pine Nuts
High in energizing zinc and fatty acids, which has been linked to a healthy sex drive, pine nuts are also considered aphrodisiacs because of the effort required to procure these oily gems from pine cones.

This peppery tasting plant has been documented as an aphrodisiac since the first century A.D. The bite of the aromatic leaf might get you in the mood. The minerals and antioxidants found in dark leafy greens like arugula have also been proven to block environmental contaminates that could negatively harm libido.

Olive Oil
Packed with antioxidants, olives and their oil have been used for centuries for health. The Greeks believed they made men more virile as well. Olive oil is a good source of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which are critical for a healthy heart, smooth blood flow and stable hormone production, all needed to keep the brain, prostate and more in good shape.

Eaten by Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, the fig has forever paradoxically symbolized both sexuality (the ripe fruit with seeds representing fertility) and modesty (the fig leaf). They are full of potassium and are an antioxidant powerhouse, sweet and delicate when eaten.

Chai Tea
Skip the coffee after dinner and reach for a cup of Indian chai tea. The typical spices in this brew include ginger, cloves and cinnamon. They all come from exotic places and certainly will get the blood flowing. It has almost no caffeine so the stimulant effect is less than coffee, so you’ll still be able to drift off to sleep after lovemaking…

These bright gems enclosed in a thick rose-colored husk are filled with tangy sweet antioxidants, which support blood flow and clear thought. One study by The Male Clinic in California found that pomegranate juice had a positive effect on erectile dysfunction.

Photo by Greg Rakozy