How Can Fitness Empower Women-Pevoia Blog

Celebrity trainer Holly Perkins says it’s time women stop buying into societal pressures. Whether it’s the need for the perfect body, the perfect face, or even the perfect relationship, these pressures simply crowd our minds and hearts and lead toward a dead end.

“There’s this perception that all women need to look like perfect runway models,” says Perkins, a leading national weight-loss expert. “They can feel the anxiety building when they are trying to meet someone else’s expectations. That’s when the effort to lose weight or get fit can add to the stresses of life instead of relieving them.”

Certainly, we as women should want to improve our health, get fit and look presentable, but must we add unneeded stress to the mix? Perkins, who recently released a home-exercise system designed specifically for women called baladea, has created regimens to fuse fitness and wellness exercises, without the stress.

‘Tis the Season to Help Your Loved One_Pevonia

‘Tis the season to be jolly, but the fact is the holidays and New Year bring more stress into our lives, and actually… into your man’s life. A Canadian study showed that men take stress harder than women and it indicates that women perform better in the face of stress.

In another study of more than 24,000 adults, men who had high demand and low control in their jobs or had job insecurity were more likely to have had major depression. Another survey, conducted by life insurance company Aviva USA and the Mayo Clinic, shows that finances are the biggest source of stress for men; 62 percent. Overall, the study shows that men’s five biggest stressors are:

  1. Finances
  2. Family + Relationships
  3. Job Stability
  4. Fast Pace of Life
  5. Health

During the holidays, numbers 1, 2 and 4 are all arguably heightened. Simon Rego of the Montfiore Center/Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York says that gender differences regarding the effects of stress manifest themselves in other negative ways. “Men under stress are more likely than women to report having been diagnosed with high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease or heart attack,” he says.

Dr. Michael Trombley, Medical Director of the Physicians ED Centers says each of those health risks effect one more key element of a man’s life which is actually a stress reducer. Yes, you guessed it… sex.

“Stress is one of the primary causes of bedroom performance issues and is a leading factor in the increase of that compounds stress,” explains Trombley, who specializes in men’s heath.

Trombley has some stress relieving tips that men usually don’t think about, yet they could help them during the holidays, and in the bedroom…

He suggests to laugh more, “take advantage of the holiday time around friends and family.” He adds, “Confidently assert yourself. Face it, some of those family members are going to push your buttons over how to carve the turkey or how to hang the decorations in your own house. Don’t let that drag you. If you assert yourself early, it cuts off that behavior and gives you a boost of confidence.”

Trombley believes that yoga helps an individual focus on themselves, plus he adds, “[yoga] teaches you how to manage when your blood boils waiting five hours in a line at a toy store to pick-up your child’s holiday gift.”

How about the practice letting go? “Making a conscious choice not to become angry or upset; effective anger management is a tried-and-true stress reducer.”

Speaking slowly is another strategy. “This one seems silly but connects with the stress studies that include fast-paced lifestyles. Slowing your speech helps you better handle those stressful moments.”

Lastly, we certainly cannot forget the importance of sleep, eating right, staying hydrated and exercise. If we want to ‘tis the season with glee; it’s time to help the special men in our lives by encouraging them to practice these stress-busting strategies, and perhaps it’s time to book him a spa appointment. Hmm… a spa appointment: the perfect New Year’s gift, indeed.

A New Season A Better You_Pevonia

We don’t have to wait for a new year to step toward a new path… whether it be a new business venture, a new relationship, a new way of eating… decisions to become a better you should take place often. Don’t you agree?

Whatever your motivation, you know beyond a doubt once you decide to follow through on your decision, a new season has entered your life.

Life coach Maggie Sabatier-Smith, witness to walking the talk, explores with us the stages that come with a new season.

New Beginnings come with a price. We venture into new territory with an idea of where our steps are taking us. But, there’s that edge: the unknown. At some point we hesitate – the tension between what we left behind and where we are going next begins to cause doubt, which of course manifests into stress, which can easily manifest to breakouts or binging. We then start to negotiate with our dreams. “What if?” show up in our thoughts, more often than desired.

Our Comfort Zone calls out. As the doubts begin to haunt us, we begin to long for the comfort of our past. We start to remember how good and easy the past actually was and we face the very reasons we chose to step out.

How comfortable is your comfort zone? What are you tolerating? I invite you to pause to reflect on the answer to this question. Get real. Notice that while you were comfortable, not everything in your space was good.

Freedom lies on the other side of indecision. The dance between what was and what will be can be paralyzing. The longer we spend time in that space, the longer it will be before we can truly dance to the tune of reaching our next goal.

Who is leading you to change? If your new changes were birthed and encouraged through personal mindfulness. Then go! Let Faith fuel your journey as you take the next best step.