Fall 2017 Fashion

Trends and Colors to Keep You Looking Fierce All Season Long

As the late, great Bill Cunningham once said, “Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life”. And no truer words have been spoken. My whole life, fashion has been a refuge for me as well as a creative outlet. Fashion can convey so much about you with you having to say a word. It is essentially your calling card allowing you to be whoever that you want. Growing up, I have always looked up to and emulated strong women both personally and stylistically.

Icons like Chanel, Von Furstenberg, Evangelista, and Campbell evoke images of fearless women pushing the envelope and being the top of their respective games. Like them, I like to push the envelope. I love to be the first to adopt a style of dressing in my circle. Based on the Autumn-Winter 2017 collections I viewed, I think designers thought about dressing THIS type of woman this season.

Strong Women Dominate Fashion

The Autumn-Winter 2017 shows were strong and had a lot of medieval and historical references. With shows like Game of Thrones and Wonder Woman possessing the masses, it is no wonder that fashion was quick to follow suit. Strong women seem to dominate the fashion landscape; as seen at McQueen and Elie Saab. At Akris, coats and bags were the key pieces and it would take a true fashion warrior to pull them off. At Balenciaga, bold, architectural styles and a new take on fashion staples were the calls to order. One staple—the blazer—received a makeover at Balenciaga and not for wall flowers–the exaggerated proportion was something out of the eighties, but somehow looked so fresh and new. I loved the asymmetrical closure to the jackets and I was completely inspired. And wanted it in every color.

Designer: Alexander McQueen

Credit: Alexandermcqueen.com


At Alexander McQueen, Sarah Burton took a more historical approach and referenced medieval needle points and tapestries in her latest collection for the brand. The in your face statement jewelry was a nod to founding designer Lee, who tragically passed away seven years ago, and his daring fashion sensibilities. Footwear from this collection: bold—lots of embroidered boots and creative heels. My personal favorite was the wedge ankle boot with the asymmetrical cutout. Overall, you will see embroidery a lot in the upcoming season—it’s not just for grandmothers anymore. My take: a must try.


Designer: Elie Saab

Credit: Fashion Network

At Elie Saab, it was all banners and pageantry for their AW2017 collections. Even the colors used evoked nobility and strength. Shades of Butterum, Navy Peony, and Tawny Port were used fresh from the Pantone 2017 Fall Color report. The overall collection was heading in a new direction at the Haus of Saab—even without the flying dragons, this was one so daring that even Daenerys Targaryen would approve. I’m probably the only person on the planet that doesn’t watch Game of Thrones, but there is an undeniable influence that this genre has had on fashion this season. It would be hard not to feel like a warrior princess in any of his designs.

Designer: Gucci

Gucci did not fail to disappoint, either. The layering of color, pattern, and texture was expert and is a must for the fall season. I noticed that there was lots of use of sheer fabrics and more embroidery. In a collection named “the Alchemist’s Garden”, it was clearly a hodgepodge of different inspirations stemming from nature. So, if you are ever dressing and feel a particular ensemble is too much…just refer to this one—it’s probably not enough! I think that pairing prints in an unconventional way is really bold and daring…and it is not as hard as you would think. As illustrated above, it’s all about complimentary and contrasting color and letting one pattern take the lead, and the other pattern or texture enhance the overall look.

Fall Fashion Colors

Credit: Panone.com

On the fashion color front, neutrals like gray and Butterum compliment deeper hues of Shaded Spruce, Autumn Maple, and Grenadine. Interesting side-note: this is the first year that Pantone does a projection for London Fashion Week in addition to NYC. They found several similarities in colors, but each city showed its individuality and unique personality. Laurie Pressman, VP of the Pantone Color Institute, had this to say about the upcoming 2017 season in New York: “Bookended by a dynamic Grenadine red and a tawny Autumn Maple, the color palette for Fall 2017 leans more to warmth” says Eiseman. “While comforting, enveloping colors and ease are crucial to the seasonal feeling, standout shades include a pale pink Ballet Slipper, a refreshing Golden Lime, and a bright Marina blue. These hues add a striking touch when paired with the classic autumnal shades of Navy Peony, Neutral Gray, Butterrum and Tawny Port.”

These rich tones really invoke the feeling seen at the collections for the AW2017 season. Daring tones like golden lime and grenadine will really punch up basics like navy and black; making an interesting contrast to the likes of Marina and Tawny Port.

I hope that you all try something new this fashion season and experiment with color, textures, and proportion. The purpose of fashion is to take risks and try something new. The most beauty.full. trait of all is individuality—so summon your inner fashion warrior and get creative!

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Meg Evans

Meg Evans

Having been gifted her first Vogue subscription at just 6 years old, Meg is a lover of all things sartorial. Originally hailing from Northeast, she has been in the retail and fashion industry for over 20 years. She got her start with Ralph Lauren, then left her heart in Paris after a study abroad and later became the brand representative for labels such as Eileen Fisher and Gianni Bini. She has a passion for entrepreneurship, and has owned her own fashion consulting business among other ventures. She presently works for her local humane society running their retail operations and loves the fact her talents help make a difference in the lives of animals. She is also very active in her community and has produced fashion shows with the likes of Dress For Success. Meg spends her free time from her entrepreneurial and community giving efforts with her boyfriend and 6 rescue dogs. (Because all you need to truly succeed in this life is love and a dog!) She believes that every woman can live a fashionable, beauty full life and that kindness is a look that suits everyone! (Oh! And don't forget to spay and neuter your pets!)